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A place to gather from anywhere and anytime. A community space to keep up to date with my work!

What is The Tribe?

The Tribe is an online community space to discover and to keep engaged with me, my in-person classes and my online classroom 'The Stress Manager'.

What is 'The Stress Manager'?

The Stress Manager was created to combat the rise of stress-related problems that have taken the modern world by storm. With so much going on it is no wonder we are over-worked, over-whelmed and yet so unsatisfied with what we have in front of us. The program is more or less a classroom with no physical walls. The tools on offer have been developed through my personal experience with stress, fatigue, burnout, mental health and addiction. The program has taken form from my practice of mindfulness, yoga, meditation, a fascination with psychology and the power of community. Sign up to 'The Tribe' to find out more.

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